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Modern Designed Living Room
Modern Designed Living Room


Creating functional spaces : Lucia Victoria Interiors can optimise the layout and organisation of a space to make it more efficient and practical for your needs.

Enchancing aesthetics : Lucia Victoria Interiors can improve the visual appeal of a space by selecting appropriate colour schemes, furniture, lighting and decor, creating a harmonious and attractive environment.

Reflecting personality and style : By working closely with our clients to understand their preferences and lifestyle, interior design can create spaces that reflect the clients unique personality and taste.

Increasing comfort and well-being : Lucia Victoria Interiors can use their expertise to enhance the comfort and well-being of their clients by considering factors such as lighting, acoustics, ergonomics and air quality.

Adding value to your property: a well designed interior can increase the value of a property, making it more attractive to potential buyers or tenants in the future.

Overall, Lucia Victoria Ineriors can help achieve spaces that are not only functional and visually appealing but also tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Single room design service starts from £350.00

Whole house design service starts from £1,400.00

A small design fee is payable when booking your first initial consultation and if you are happy to proceed, the deposit fee will be deducted from the final cost of Lucia Victoria Interiors design fee.



Pre-Consultation Questionnaire

Before the consultation, I provide you with a questionnaire to gather information about your design preferences, budget, lifestyle and any specific challenges that you are facing. This will help me understand your needs better and make the consultation more productive.

Virtual Walkthrough

During the consultation, you can give me a virtual tour of the space you need help with. You can show me different angles of the room, point out specific areas you are stuggling with and highlight any elements you want to keep or change.

Discussion of Design Goals

I will discuss with you your design goals, such as creating a more functional layout, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the space, improving the lighting or incorporating a specific style. Understanding your objectives will guide the recommendations I provide during the consultation.

Tips and Suggestions

Based on the information gathered and your preferences, I can offer personalised tips and suggestions to adress your design dilemmas. This may include advice on furniture arrangements, decor ideas or ways to optimise space utilisation.

Product Recommendation

If you are looking for specific products or materials, I can suggest suitable options within your budget and style preferences. This could include furniture pieces, lighting fixtures, paint colours, fabrics or accessories that align with your design vision.

Design Concept Development

If you are open to it, I can help develop a basic design concept or moodboard during the consultation to visually communicate ideas and inspire them for your project.

Q&A and Follow-Up

Throughout the consultation, I will encourage you to ask questions and seek clarification on any design related topics. At the end of the session, I can summarise key points discussed and provide additional resources or follow-up recommendations, such as design resources, professionals to hire, or next steps to take.

By offering targeted advice, personalised recommendations and creative solutions tailored to the clients needs, I aim to empower you to overcome your interior design dilemmas effectively within the constraints of a one-hour consultation.

Price £150.00 for 1 hour consultation.

White & Grey Designed Bedroom
White & Grey Designed Bedroom
2D Floor Plan
3D Floor Plan
Fabric & Texture Mood Board
Fabric & Texture Mood Board


Providing a personal or virtual interior design serivce with 2D or 3D floor plans can offer clients a comprehensive visualisation of your space and help you to make informed decisions about your design projects. Here is some information about offering this service to your clients.

Initital Consultation

We begin by conducting an initial consultation with the client to understand their needs, preferences, budget and timeline. We gather information about your style preferences, functional requirements and any specific challenges we may face with your space.

2D Floor Plans

We create 2D floor plans for our clients space to illustrate the layout, dimensions and traffic flow, 2D floor plans provide a bird's eye view of the space and help so our clients understand the spatial organisation and potential furniture arrangements.

3D Floor Plans

We generate 3D floor plans based on the 2D layout to add depth, perspective and realism to the design concept. 3D floor plans give clients a more immersive experience by visualising how your space will look with furniture, colours, textures and lighting.

Design Development

We use the 2D and 3D floor plans as a foundation to develop the design concept. We incorporate the client's style preferences, colour schemes, furniture choices and decorative elements into the visualisations to create a personalised and cohesive design scheme.

Virtual Design presentations

We present your 2D and 3D floor plans virtually through video calls or online collaboration tools. We will walk you through the design concepts, explain the layout and discuss the rationale behind design decisions.

Feedback and Revisions

We like feedback from the client on the proposed design, layout, furniture placement and overall aesthetics. We will incorporate your feedback and make revisions to the 2D and 3D floor plans as needed to ensure the design aligns with their vision and requirements.

Final Deliverables

We provide the client with finalised 2D and 3D floor plans, along with any additional design documentation, material selections, project recommendations and styling tips. These deleverables serve as a roadmap for implementing the design and guide the client through the execution phase.

By offering a personal or virtual interior design service with detailed 2D and 3D floor plans, we can provide you with a clear visualisation of your design project, facilitate effective communication and deliver a customised design solution that meets your expectations and enhances your living space.

Single room design service starts from £350.00

Whole house design service starts from £1,400.00

A small design fee is payable when booking your first initial consultation and if you are happy to proceed, the deposit fee will be deducted from the final cost of Lucia Victoria Interiors design fee.


Creating moodboards that showcase colour schemes and furniture items is a powerful tool in the interior design process, offering numerous benefits to both designers and clients. These visual representations help convey the overall aesthetic and feel of a space, allowing clients to envision the end result and provide a clear roadmap for the design project.

In a moodboard, carefully selected colours set the tone for the entire design scheme. By presenting a cohesive colour palette that includes main colours and accent hues, the client can easily grasp the mood and atmosphere that the space will evoke. For example, accents of brass and black add touches of elegance and interest, whilst soft grey and warm beige colours create a sense of calm.

Incorporating furniture items into the moodboard is equally important, as it allows clients to visualise how different pieces will come together in the space. By including specific furniture selections such as sofas, chairs, tables and lighting fixtures, the client can see how these elements interact and contribute to the overall design.

By presenting colour schemes and furniture items in a moodboard I am able to effectively communicate the clients vision and share an understanding of the design direction. The client can provide feedback and make informed decisions based on the visual representation, ensuring that the final design reflects their preferences and meets their expectations.

Using this method of colourful moodboards only

Single room starts from £250

Whole house starts from £1,400

A small design fee is payable when booking your first initial consultation and if you are happy to proceed, the deposit fee will be deducted from the final cost of Lucia Victoria Interiors design fee.

Colour Story Board
Bespoke Upholstery
Bespoke Upholstery
Bespoke Curtains
Bespoke Curtains


Bespoke upholstery and custom curtain/roman blind making are essential components of interior design, offering clients the opportunity to personalise their spaces with unique and tailored pieces that reflect your style and preferences. 

Bespoke upholstery involves the customisation of furniture pieces such as sofas, chairs, ottomens and headboards to suit your specific requirements.  By Lucia Victoria Interiors working closely with skilled artisans and upholsterers, our clients can choose from a wide range of fabrics and finishes to create furniture that is not only appealing but also perfectly fits their needs and aesthetic vision.  Whether it's selecting a luxurious velvet fabric for a statement sofa or adding intricate tufting and decorative nailhead trim to a chair, bespoke upholstery allows clients to bring their design dreams to life with exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Custom curtain and roman blind making offers another level of customisation in interior design allowing clients to enhance their windows with tailored window treatments that complement the overall decor of the space.  With a vast selection of fabrics, patterns and styles to choose from, clients can create curtains or roman blinds that perfectly match their colour scheme, add texture and control light and privacy.  Window treatments can elevate the look of a room and provide a finishing touch that ties the design together. 

These bespoke services allow clients to express their unique style, elevate the design of their spaces and enjoy furniture and window treatments that are truly one of a kind.


To assist our clients in decluttering and organising their living spaces effectively, we offer a personalised decluttering service tailored to your specific needs and preferences. We work closely with each client to create a customised decluttering plan, priortise areas for decluttering and provide a hands on assistance throughout the process.

From sorting and categorising items to recommending storage solutions and implementing sustainable decluttering practices, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve a clutter free and harmonious home environment.

With our expertise and support, we aim to streamline the decluttering process, alleviate stress and transform your living spaces into organised and functional sanctuaries they can truly enjoy.

Prices start from £85.00 per hour

white steel chair in front round table on white rug
black fireplace in living room
green plant on white ceramic pot


As an interior designer offering a home staging service, our goal is to prepare a property for sale in a way that showcases it's best features, maximises it's appeal to potential buyers and helps it sell quickly and for the best possible price. Here's how Lucia Victoria Interiors would provide their home staging services as an interior designer.


Our first step is to meet with the homeowner or estate agent to assess the property. During this consultation, we would discuss the goals of the home staging, we would discuss the constaints, timeline and any specific requirements or preferences.


We would evaluate the property's layout, design and condition to identify areas that need improvement or enhancement to make the property more attractive to potential buyers.

Design Plan

Based on our assessment, we would create a detailed design plan outlining the changes and improvements needed to enhance the property's appeal. This may include decluttering, rearranging furniture, adding decorative elements, updating fixtures and making minor repairs or upgrades.


Once the design plan is approved, we will start implementing the changes. This may involve rearranging furniture, adding new decor items, painting walls, updating lighting and making other improvements to enhance the overall look and feel of the space.

Stying and Staging

We will arrange furniture, decor and accessories in a way that highlights the property's best features and creates a welcoming and appealing atmosphere for potential buyers. This may involve depersonalising the space, neutralising colour schemes and creating a cohesive and inviting ambiance throughout the property.


High quality photography is essential for marketing the staged property effectively. We may work with a professional photographer to capture the best angles and features of the property to create stunning images for online and print marketing materials.

Monitoring and Adjustments

Throughout the home staging process, we will monitor the property's presentation and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that it continues to appeal to potential buyers. This may involve tweaking the layout, adding or removing decor items or making other refinements as needed.

Final Touches

Before the property is listed for sale, we will do a final walkthrough to ensure that everything is in place and looking it's best. We may also provide guidance to the homeowner on how to maintain the staged look for showings and open house.

By providing a comprehensive home staging service as an interior designer, we can help sellers make a positive first impression on potential buyers, increase their chances of selling the property quickly and potentially achieve a higher sale price.

Prices start from £250.00 per room